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All our firewood is dry and will be ready to burn when delivered  GUARANTEED!!

Types of Wood, Prices & Sizes

Delivered Prices

Prices as of 10/01/2015

1/4 Cord

1/ 3 (Face) Cord

1/2 Cord

Full Cord



Mixed Hardwood










Oak Mix *

(call for 100% oak prices)


Kiln Dried Oak Mix*

( call for 100% oak prices)

$177 $197 $247 $447
Kiln Dried Black Locust $188 $207 $257 $457

Red Pine



Cherry or Birch or Hickory or

Maple or Ash


$177 $197 $247 $447

Half & Half Mix*











Short Ends $117 $127 $157 $187

Please check out our out-of-area delivery prices


We Have secured a source of firewood logs and are using a firewood kiln to dry our firewood when the moisture contant of the firewood is above 16%

Kindling: $6 & $9 per box (cherry wood sticks)

Stacking Prices: Face Cord $45 — Half Cord $60 — Full Cord $100 If stacked within 10 feet of truck. If more than 10 feet, price will be adjusted at the site                       *THE HALF AND HALF MIX IS HALF OAK AND HALF CHERRY OR HALF BIRCH OR HALF HICKORY OR HALF ASH OR HALF MAPLE .

*Mostly oak- whats not oak is better than the oak-Ash,Maple,Hickory

We will kiln dry any selection of firewood for $50 per full cord.


Picked Up Prices



Prices as of 10/01/2015
Picked Up

1/4 Cord

1/ 3 (Face) Cord

1/2 Cord

Full Cord

Mixed Hardwoods







Oak Mix



Klin Dried Oak Mix




$230 $410
 Klin Dried Black Locust $155 $175 $240 $420

Red Pine





Cherry or Birch or Hickory or Malpe or Ash


$145 $165 $230 $410
Half & Half  Mix*   $135   





Short Ends $90 $100 $125 $165  


Kiln Dried Firewood - We are using a natural gas firied kiln to dry our firewood when the moisture content of the wood that we sell is more than 16%. Our kiln (1 million btu) cooks the wood at 265 degrees for 24 hours bringing the moisture contant below 12%. This providides you with extremly dry wood and no bugs or mold. We keep an invantory of kiln dried oak,  kiln dried mixed hardwoods and kiln dried cherry on hand. We will kiln dry other selections of firewood upon request.

Oak- Our oak firwood is mostly red oak and some white oak. Oak is a very universal wood ,it can be used in a fireplace, cooking stove or outdoor pit. It gives you alot heat, medium flame

and is one of the longer burning woods but it does require kindling to start.

Black Locust - A very hot burning wood. A lot of flame, easy to start and burns with a reddish blue flame.

Cherry Firewood - Is our recommended favorite. Easy to start, burns with a blue flame and has a great fragrance. It doesn't burn as long as oak but it's close.

Birch Firewood - Is the easiest firewood to burn. Produces a lot of Flame and has an unusual scent. Gives off a lot of heat but burns fast.

White Ash Firewood - Is the cleanest burning firewood. It is easy to start, burns hot with a lot of flame. Ash is good to burn in a difficult fireplace.

Hickory Firewood - Is the hottest of all the firewoods. Low hot flame, great for cooking, check out the links from our web site for cooking with wood.

Maple Firewood - Is another firewood that's great for cooking. It's also good for the fireplace, long burn time, but you need kindling for starting.

Mixed Hardwood / Ugly Camp firewood - Consists of irregular splits and lengths of mixed hardwoods, the hardwood mix can be anything from Oak, Ash, Maple, Cherry, Elm, Box Elder to any wood that is classified as a hardwood. This is wood that comes from our tree removal service.

U.S.D.A Certified Kiln Dried Oak Mix Firewood - Can be transported anywhere (Certificate Provided). We recommend this wood for the campers and the people that are traveling out of the area. The wood is sterilized and emerald ash borer free.


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Firewood for Heating - Our recommendations are the short ends, oak mix, hickory, black locust and the white oak with the short ends being the most cost effective.

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Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace
Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace

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