Restaurants Cooking With Wood

Restaurant owners!

We have been servicing the restaurant industry for over twenty years. From green hickory to dry birch.

Absolutely the finest firewood you can buy!! Oak, Hickory, White Ash, Birch and Cherry.


Wisconsin Firewood Co. will provide you with the best service in the business! Call us any time and your firewood is delivered within 24 hours — if not the same day!! No Wood, No Fire, No Business. It’s that simple! Wisconsin Firewood guarantees all their deliveries to be on time or the wood is free!!

Custom Cut and Split!!

Wisconsin Firewood Co. knows the problems a chef encounters when cooking with wood. It’s our experience that each chef likes the firewood cut and split a certain way and custom cut and split firewood is our trademark in the business. We will split the wood two inches by two inches for the pizza ovens or six inches by six inches for the open pit barbecue.

It’s Dry And In Good Supply

It’s dry or it won’t fry!! Sounds funny but if your wood isn’t dry your out of business and this is why we have the driest wood in the industry and we guarantee the wood to burn or we pay all incurred expenses!! When Wisconsin Firewood takes on a new account we reserve a one year supply for that account! You never have to worry about where your next order is coming from!

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Cuddle up to a warm fireplace this winter
with wood supplied from Wisconsin Firewood Co.


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