Self Service Firewood Pickups

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Picked Up Prices


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Prices as of 09/01/2018
1/4 Cord 1/ 3 (Face) Cord 1/2 Cord Full Cord
Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods $130 $150 $190 $360
Oak-Ash Mix $145 $165 $200 $410
Kiln Dried Oak-Ash $165 $185 $230 $470
Red Pine SAFE to burn in your fireplace See link below $90 $110 $140 $250

Cherry or Hickory or Ash

$170 $190 NA NA
Half & Half  Mix* $155 $175 $225 NA
Short Ends $90 $110 $140 $250

Delivered Prices

 Prices as of 9/01/2018

1/4 Cord

1/ 3 (Face) Cord

1/2 Cord

Full Cord

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Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood $157 $187 $227 $397

 Kiln Dried Oak-Ash Mix

$197 $247 $297 $497
Red Pine SAFE to burn in your fireplace  See link below $117 $127 $157 $267
Cherry or Hickory or Ash $197 $237 NA NA

Half & Half Mix*

$177 $197 $257 $447
Short Ends $117 $127 $157 $267
Stacking Prices**  $45 $50 $65 $110
Kiln Dried***  $20  $20  $30 $60
Kindling $6 box $9 box
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If you need firewood quickly, for that impromptu afternoon fire during a “Packer Game” and you don’t have anything to burn but your living room sofa, we have the answer. Wisconsin Firewood Co. has created for your convenience a self service firewood pickups area. The fact is, we trust you!! Just pull into our lot and load any type of wood you wish.

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The firewood is stacked into incremented sleeves of just the right amount of wood you might want for that afternoon fire. We have bundles of kindling wood all set and ready to go to help you get that fire started as well. After you have loaded the firewood into your trunk or trailer, simply place the proper amount of the sale into an envelope at our payment center and your on your way. It’s as simple as that!!


Burning Pine in an Indoor Wood Stove

Click here for a slide show of our “Self-Serve Program”.

Cuddle up to a warm fireplace this winter
with wood supplied from Wisconsin Firewood Co.


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